Frequently Asked Questions

As with everything new, you’ve no doubt got some questions? Here’s some common questions we’ve been asked, if your question isn’t here please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What happens with big vs small cars?

Smaller height vehicles will be parked in the first rows with larger height vehicles in the rows behind. Don’t worry the screen is massive so you will get a good view from all spots!

Small vehicles – Standard size vehicles – sedans, hatchbacks, stationwagons, sports cars, convertibles – facing forward (no reversing)

Large Vehicles – SUVs/4wds, utes, vans, minivans, stationwagons that want to reverse in with tailgate up

If you have a stationwagon and want to reverse in you will need to bring something so you can tie your boot down to a level so as to not block the view of vehicles behind you.

Where is the drive-in cinema?
We are based in the Wellington Region and have many locations around the New Zealand that we take the drive-in to. We are essentially a “pop-up outdoor drive-in movie”. Check individual event’s for location & maps.
What time does the movie actually start?
Gates open around 60-90 minutes before the start time listed for the event. The movie start times are 15 minutes after sunset on that date to ensure a great picture.
How do we hear the movie playing?
The movie sound will be broadcasted through an FM transmitter so that you can listen to the audio in the vehicle. For those up the front, seated in the concrete area there will be a small sound system. The FM station will be decided on the evening around FM 88MHz so that those with Japanese imported radios can listen. There will be sufficient signage at the event letting you know the exact frequency to listen.
What happens if it rains?
If the rain is light we can still project the movie, however if the rain forces us to postpone the movie we will choose a postponement date. Please read our full terms & conditions.
What size vehicle can I bring?
The largest vehicle we can permit is a large van. You can bring as many people as you want in your vehicle. Please note the taller vehicles will be at the back of the viewing area, so that you’re not blocking the view of others. But don’t worry, our large screen is still very visible from this distance.
How will the cars be laid out?
Large cars (4×4/vans etc) will be at the back, so that they don’t block the view of other cars, smaller cars will then be in rows in front. 
Can we bring our own food & drink?
Yes you can! Food and sealed non-alcoholic drinks are allowed, and there’s an onsite food & drink for those wanting to have an drink or coffee, and plenty of yummy food to buy too.
What if I don't have an FM radio?
At all our events there will be a speaker system, we suggest bringing a picnic blanket or a beanbag along and sitting yourself up the front.
What if my car battery dies?
We have portable battery packs on site, however most car batteries will run a normal stereo for up to 8 hours before it starts to drain the battery (headlights & interior lights drain it much quicker). We’ve only had a handful of cars needing a jump start from all our events so far.
Do you use subtitles or closed captions?
We use an iOS app called Subtitle Viewer! which allows you to display the subtitles in sync with the movie on your iPhone or iPad
  • Shiro Hi

    What happens if it rains on the night?

    • Brady Dyer

      Depends how bad – if it’s not that bad it will still go ahead. If it’s quite bad it will be postponed.

  • kailey

    Do We have to have a car to Come?

    • Brady Dyer

      At this stage yes – we are working with the council at the moment, and this may change in the future. You must arrive in a vehicle, but once inside Trentham there is parking areas where you can park, and then enjoy a picnic outside. We suggest bringing your own chairs & beanbags etc, as it will be on concrete and there is limited seating and tables available.

  • Alan Devine

    Does the in-car audio transmission rely on FM Radio? If so what frequency does it support? People with Japanese imports cant tune all stations locally..

    • Brady Dyer

      Thanks for the question Alan – we’ve now updated the FAQ with your Q&A.

  • Heather

    What happens if you don’t reach your fundraising goal, will all the tickets for “One Movie Ticket (Standard Events)” and other categories be returned? I know it’s in the FAQ’s but it’s not really answered.

    • Brady Dyer

      Hi Heather – we’ve just updated the answer to make it a bit clear, but the standard events will most certainly be going ahead – we are announcing the full summer schedule on the 1st of December. Those people that have got in with the $20 early bird tickets will get first choice to choose their movies, before they go on to general sale.

  • Frances Duncan

    What time does the movie start/finish? It says 7-11. It would be helpful to know if we need to be there before 7 and what sort of time we’d be getting home. Thanks

    • Brady Dyer

      Hi Frances, The gates open at 7:30pm with the movie starting just after the sunsets about 8:30pm. We’ve updated our movie schedules now to have the approx finish time for each movie based on its run time. Thanks for the question

  • Felix

    hi, where can i find the full summer movie schedule? At the moment only fight club (10 dec) and lion king (20 dec) are available. Is this the full schedule? and also is the price per car still $50 or was this just for the opening week as previously mentioned

    • Brady Dyer

      Hi Felix,
      We have released our two xmas movies and the rest of our summer movies will be coming out this week. The price is $30/vehicle, the opening week movies are $50.

  • Janet Collings

    Hi there i brought 2 lots of early bird tickets and was wondering do we get a ‘physical’ ticket send by email ? cause do we need one to get in ? and also was going to give one for xmas to someone :]

    • Brady Dyer

      Hi Janet, Early bird tickets will be sent out in the next couple of days when we announce the full summer schedule. Were you wanting to give them the voucher as a gift, or choose the movie and get the ticket to that and give that as a gift?

      • Janet Collings

        oh just a voucher will be sweet thanks that all good :]

  • Kim Bubbls

    Hey guys. Will there be a ‘Session Times’ tab with daily timetable or are you only open certain days of the week?

    • Brady Dyer

      Hey Kim, We are open nearly every Sunday through summer. Check out our ‘movies/tickets’ page for our full summer schedule.

  • Brooke McClintock

    Do you think this could become a permanent outdoor/drive in cinema for wellington?

    • Brady Dyer

      We really hope so! It all comes down to if the people of Wellington want it and come along! We’d love to see a permanent setup that’s here to stay.

  • annachezhazlett

    Hi there can we bring our own munchies & a bottle of wine? Thanks

    • annachezhazlett

      Sorry just read answer 🙂

    • Brady Dyer

      More than welcome to bring you own food, but not alcohol sorry. Trentham supplies a huge range of drinks and food as well (Pizzas, Fish & Chips, Pies, Popcorn, Ice Creams – all sorts)

  • Noname

    have you got a public screening licence?

    • Brady Dyer

      Assuming you mean a Public Performance Licensing – and yes we do!

  • Guest

    do you have a public screening liecence

  • Zoe

    What happens if our car goes flat listening to the fm radio sound system!?

    • Brady Dyer

      We have two portable battery packs on site, however most car batteries will run a normal stereo for up to 8 hours before it starts to drain the battery (headlights & interior lights drain it much quicker). We’ve only had a handful of cars needing a jump start from all our events so far. Thanks for your question.

  • Nicky Healy

    What if its one adult and one child? Is it still $30?

    • Brady Dyer

      Sure is 🙂 it’s $30/car for up to 8 people

  • Spudley More

    hi, are you dog friendly if they (mostly) stay in the car?

    • Brady Dyer

      Yes that’s fine as long as always on a leash & any “business” is put in provided bins

  • Harry Wales

    Will there be any viewings through January?

  • Burnsy

    Is it first come first served or is there a way to book/guarantee a spot if a movie is a sellout? e..g. I heard Home Alone 1 sold out last year and we’re thinking of going to Home Alone 2 this year with voucher I have already bought.

    • Brady Dyer

      Correct it did sell out last year – the best way is to buy your ticket online using the voucher you have. Gates open 1hr prior, so if you want a front row seat it’s best to turn up then (provided you’re not a tall car as we park most of these at the back, with the exception of a few at the front in front of the trees.

  • Lance Uhlmann

    How big is the screen roughly, will I be able to see it good enough from the back?

    • Brady Dyer

      It’s a 40 foot screen! So massive up front, and still very big from the back

  • Samantha Bowen

    Hi There, Can you bring your dog to the hutt river bank movies?

    • Brady Dyer

      Sure can!

  • Maria Durkin

    Hi there, are we able to bring a dog to the Masterton drive in?

  • Pauline Ogier

    HI What food will be available at Manfeild for Grease showing? Cheers Pauline 6th oct

  • Brett Kane

    can we pay onsite or do we have to buy tickets prior, new plymouth show, thanks